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Reports: Clint Dempsey agrees to Sounders FC move

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Both ESPNFC and The Mirror are reporting that the United States player is coming to MLS to wear Rave Green as the latest Seattle Sounders Designated Player.

New colors for Clint?
New colors for Clint?
Robert Cianflone

Despite ESPNFC hearing from Clint Dempsey's brother that no deal to MLS was in the cards, the site is now reporting that they have multiple sources saying that he will be joining Seattle Sounders FC. Despite multiple off-record denials the money quote from ESPN is simple;

But sources confirmed to ESPNFC on Friday afternoon that an agreement with Seattle is indeed in place.

The Mirror is also reporting the deal is in place.

At practice today the club would not confirm any move or potential move and Sigi Schmid joked that he nearly went to SeaTac to kidnap Dempsey to convince him to sign with Seattle.

This is clearly just a rumor, but if it goes down would be one of the top three or four signings in MLS history with only the Beckham deal surpassing it. It would be on the scale of Henry, Blanco and Marquez with the order being arguable.

Sounders FC opened a Designated Player spot yesterday after restructuring Shalrie Joseph's contract.