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Tottenham announce transfer of Clint Dempsey to MLS

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Which team he's coming to is still not official, but the Seattle Sounders are having a "special moment" at 7:15 PM tonight.

Julian Finney

While the deal still lacks the key words "Seattle Sounders FC" the transfer to MLS is now official. Tottenham Hotspur officially announced that they transferred Clint Dempsey off of their squad and into the single-entity beast that is Major League Soccer.

There are still some key moments in making the transfer to Rave Green complete. The club has yet to make an announcement and the rumors are strong that there will be a moment when he is announced to the public and later press availability. That public moment could be at 7:15 PM Saturday night as the club is sending emails to season ticket holders to be in the stadium early for something. Sounders FC Weekly called it "one of the coolest things in Sounders history."

Dempsey had 12 goals in 43 appearances for Hotspur in his single season there. His scoring is well known. But his assist numbers were decent with eight assists for his club in each of the last two years.

Word from Ives is that Deuce will wear the #2 and Yedlin changes his number to #17 (a number already bathed in Sounders royalty).