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Guys, there's still no new news on Fredy Montero

Reports of Montero being sold for $12 million are "inaccurate."

Can we please stop asking these questions?
Can we please stop asking these questions?
Otto Greule Jr

There was another report today that Fredy Montero was about to be sold. This time it seems to have been the product of some loose wording in a story that was then misinterpreted on Twitter, making it appear as if Sporting CP was poised to exercise a $12 million option-to-buy on Montero. Reached for comment on Monday, the Sounders called the report "inaccurate."

What does inaccurate mean? Well, let's see what Hanauer said on last week's Nos Audietis (around the 52:00 mark): "[The transfer fee] was all preset and there are a few bonuses in there, but nothing that would be more than effectively recouping our investment." He added that while he expects Sporting CP to exercise their option-to-buy on Montero based on his 13 goals in 16 appearances, nothing has been finalized on that end either.

While the Sounders aren't going to give us an exact number, I think we can safely put the amount of money they invested in Montero at less than $4 million. Back in 2010, the Sounders were estimated to have paid about $2 million to Deportivo Cali to complete that transfer. In two seasons as a Designated Player, the Sounders paid Montero a total of about $1.4 million in salary (according to the players' union). Combined, that would be a total of about $3.4 million. Even given some wiggle room, that's a whole lot less than $12 million.

So, as fun as would be to think that the Sounders are going to reap a windfall from Montero's transfer, that just doesn't seem to be likely.

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