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Didier Drogba linked to Sounders, again and again and again

If there is a transfer rumor that will never die, it is the "Sounders seek Didier Drogba" rumor.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Chelsea lost Drogba to a team in China, but the most frequently mentioned MLS side as a potential transfer was Seattle? Remember when that team in China lost Drogba to Galatasaray, but the most frequently mentioned MLS side as a potential transfer was Sounders FC? Remember when Galatasaray lost Drogba back to Chelsea and still the rumors of Seattle Sounders FC wanting him came up?

Of course you do! The Didier Drogba to Seattle Sounders FC rumor never dies, it just multiplies. He is again linked to Seattle, with a half season left on his current Chelsea contract some site wanting your page views is claiming that he will be coming to Seattle (again!) or to New York City FC.

The Seattle part doesn't pass the small test. One, there is no source for either. Two, Sounders are included as a kind of afterthought. Three, Drogba still has it, but he doesn't have it more than Oba or Clint. Four, Drogba to Seattle is the vampire of rumors.

New York City FC making a play for Drogba is a big splash move that the Yankees and Man City would like. But he's not a Kreis style of player.

Rejected headlines:

  • Drunk Englishman likes webhitz from Seattle, links Drogba to Sounders
  • Website needs traffic, links World Cup star and Seattle Sounders
  • Agent seeks money, links aging star to MLS
  • Dave's bored, finds rumor to debunk
  • All Drogs go to heaven
  • So rumor. Much manufactured. Drogba Wow.

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