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Galatasaray casts doubt on Didier Drogba's rumored move to Sounders

The upcoming free agent is able to talk to teams already, but his current club expects him to let them know where his future lies.

Claudio Villa

The explosive rumor connecting former Chelsea star Didier Drogba to Seattle Sounders FC is being denied by his current club. Galatasaray's press officer spoke recently and Turkish Football News has some quotes.

Most notable is that they expect to be informed by the player as to which teams he talks to and want him to stay.

"We have not been informed of anything, the speculation sounds like speculation from the foreign press. We would like Drogba to stay and he is happy at the club."

The story also notes that Drogba, whose contract expires at the end of the current season, is currently free to speak with other clubs.

Stating that a rumor that initiated in Turkey as foreign speculation is great deflection. Yes, US-based sites ran with the initial reports. One even had independent sourcing from Turkey about the potential signing.

While some are concerned about Drogba's age the forward has 18 goals and 12 assists since joining the Turkish powerhouse. Turkey is currently the 11th league by UEFA's coefficient system. Galatasary ranks 35th in the club standings nestled between well known sides like Liverpool, Sporting CP, Napoli, Sevilla, Kiev, Stuttgart, Atletico, Braga, Bourdeaux, Villareal and Twente. The coefficient system has flaws and cause issues with specific ranking, but there is a reason why the mid-30s player is leading his club into the UEFA Champions League knockout round against Chelsea after advancing past Juventus and Copenhagen.

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