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Obafemi Martins linked to Turkish clubs - again

So when a transfer window opens and you have good players it seems like they get connected to other leagues slightly better than your own.

Nothing says "I hate you and want more money" like this
Nothing says "I hate you and want more money" like this
Mike Russell

An Italian report came out today that links Obafemi Martins to Turkish club Besiktas. This is not the first time Oba's been rumored to be signing with a club in Turkey, and it won't be the last (citation 12, use your favorite search engine for more).

Adrian was dismissive at practice, but you don't need access to see the difficulties in making this transfer happen.

Oba's having a strong season, an MVP caliber season in fact. That means that he's getting pricey. Plus Seattle Sounders FC paid a large (fourth largest in MLS history at this point) to grab him. Hanauer is a prudent businessman that generally doesn't like to lose money for the pure sake of losing money. That means a transfer fee in the millions. Plus a million or so more so that Sounders FC could get some Allocation Money (which is really powerful).

Seattle is also in a fairly strong first place right now. Why screw that up just to make a little bit of money? Don't answer that, it really doesn't make sense.

We're a few weeks from seeing Clint Dempsey and Oba back up top together. Sure, Seattle could sign another player, but that new player would take several weeks to get in a vibe (that's a best case scenario). With three trophies in view and the only holes being along the backline, this type of sale makes no sense.

Oba should be back at practice on Friday.

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