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DeAndre Yedlin could fetch record transfer fee

The price just keeps going up and up, with the latest report the requested transfer fee at close to $7 million.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

By the time a transfer price is finally agreed upon, it's entirely possible DeAndre Yedlin's sale could set a MLS record. At least that's where we seem to be heading based on the current trajectory various European outlets have been reporting.

The latest report suggests the Seattle Sounders and Major League Soccer -- who technically holds Yedlin's contract and would be the official selling party -- are seeking nearly $7 million in order for offers to be considered. Back when the World Cup first ended, the opening bid was apparently about half of that.

While that's not a number that would register as particularly expensive for Europe's biggest teams, it could be steep enough to scare off the likes of Olympique Lyonnais and other clubs outside the upper half of the top four leagues. A $7 million transfer would also register as the second-largest transfer fee MLS has ever received for a player, second only to Jozy Altidore's move to Villarreal in 2008. No primarily defensive player has ever fetched more than Andy Najar's $3 million fee in 2012.

There's reason to think Yedlin's fee could go even higher. The Sounders are going to have a ton of say over where Yedlin goes and how much the fee is and are hardly hurting for money. Assuming Yedlin is open to staying here -- and there's every reason to think he is, especially if it means he'll be getting a significant raise to his $92,000 salary -- both he and the Sounders are going to have to be convinced better offers won't be coming in the future. MLS has already started using Yedlin as a promotional tool and surely understand that keeping him around has some very real value.

Add all that to some of Europe's biggest teams all vying for Yedlin's services and there's reason to think we're still only scratching the surface on a potential fee.

At this point clubs that have been mentioned in specifically in a Yedlin transfer rumor are Anderlecht, AS Roma, Genoa, Inter Milan, Liverpool and Lyon. Leagues without a specific club mentioned are Portugal and Spain. This list will get longer before it gets shorter.

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