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There's no real reason to think Bayern Munich is interested in DeAndre Yedlin

The closest thing to a link is a passing mention from a Twitter account that mostly works in rumors.

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DeAndre Yedlin might be the most sought-after player in Major League Soccer right now. Teams from all over Europe are interested, including some pretty big names. It's entirely possible that Yedlin could ultimately end up with a team who has Champions League aspirations.

But that team is probably not Bayern Munich.

Similar to the Liverpool rumor, I had been trying to avoid this one because it seemed so ridiculous. But now that has mentioned it, I feel compelled to add some context to a rumor that has virtually no legs.

Where this really began is hard to say, but it first came to some level of prominence when Eurosport's Italian soccer site mentioned it in a tweet. That tweet linked back to their home page, where no story actually existed.

It seemed like all the world to be a dead end.

But then a Sounders site picked it up, which was then repeated by's Kick Off, and suddenly there's a shred of credibility.

Now, it's within the craziest realms of possibility that Bayern Munich is interested in Yedlin. Not a single one of these things, though, provide any actual evidence of that. Effectively, it's the same thing as idle speculation.

Bayern Munich is probably the deepest team in the world and isn't likely to be dipping into MLS to find their right back of the future. Stranger things have probably happened, but not much more than this.

Don't believe me? Here's what Sounder at Heart and Bavarian Football Works writer Ryan Cowper had to say about it: "Not happening. Bayern Munich have four different right back options, all better than Yedlin, including one that's exactly the same age and one that's younger."

Roma, Napoli, Genoa, Olympique Lyonnais, Anderlecht and Liverpool have all been named as potential suitors and all seem more likely destinations at this point.

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