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Sounders 'pretty likely' to sign player before roster freeze

Every Saturday at 8 AM the official weekly radio show airs on 710 ESPN Seattle. If you listened to Matt Johnson and Ross Fletcher this week you learned that Seattle Sounders FC is about to add a player.

Mike Russell

While the transfer window is long closed, there is still the opportunity for MLS teams to add Frees or make moves within the league, right up until Monday when rosters are locked for the remainder of the year. Over the past week or so the indications from Adrian Hanauer and Chris Henderson have varied greatly. They've varied from being tight with allocation with a tiny bit of salary cap room all the way to today's statement by Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Director Chris Henderson that the club is "pretty likely" to sign a player.

Henderson did say that it is a matter of pushing the paperwork through over the weekend, but he sounded confident that the Free would be a player that would add to the club's depth during the stretch run with three major trophies in sight.

While Timo HIldebrand is a trialist of sorts in camp he is not the only one. There is at least one other trialist in camp over the past week, but Sounder at Heart has been unable to identify the player and only saw him work small-sided games where positions are not an indicator of full-sided roles.

The needs would seem to be for a classic winger (only Aaron Kovar fits the bill as a player that runs along the line) and depth at centerback (particularly with the long term kinda injured situation with Djimi Traore). There would also be need for a fullback as Seattle will be losing Yedlin either in England's January window or next Summer.

Several other teams have added international frees over the last week, but one of the good things about being at the top of the table is that there usually isn't a need to make a rash decision to switch the roster up with six weeks left in the year.

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