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Let's talk through this Cubo Torres-to-Sounders rumor

It really doesn't make any on-field sense, but there's at least reason to think it's not entirely crazy.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes a rumor makes absolutely no sense on paper, but is so intriguing you just feel compelled to write about it. And anytime the possibility of Mr. Roboto aka Erick Torres coming to the Seattle Sounders is broached in anything approaching a serious manner, that is one of those times.

For those of you without immediate access to a translator, let me help. Essentially, it says MLS is weighing the possibility of paying $7 million to complete the transfer of Torres, but that he would play for either the Sounders or the LA Galaxy.

In terms of off-the-field considerations, it makes some sense. Those are the teams that could probably be able to pay the biggest chunk of that $7 million. MLS would also be assured that whatever marketing value Torres has would not go to waste. The Sounders have often talked about the possibility of bringing in a Mexican star in order to better reach that segment of the fan base. He'd surely take up a Designated Player spot, but many seem to think there will be a fourth spot added next year.

But on the field? Not sure about that. The Sounders are pretty well set at forward with Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey and both players are already locked up through 2015 and will likely be locked up through 2016 soon. The Sounders could potentially shift to more of a 4-3-3 or back into a diamond with Dempsey as the No. 10, but neither of those formations really play to their strengths. Maybe Torres could play on the wing, but he's been used exclusively as a striker during his pro career.

Acquiring Torres would force the Sounders into more of a shoehorn situation, while also putting one more player on the pitch who doesn't really show any defensive inclinations.

And yet, the possibility is somewhat intriguing. Torres is a rising Mexican star and still just 21 years old, who has already scored 21 goals in just 40 league appearances. Plus, he does this:


And he can score like this:

Silly as a rumor as it may be, it's at least worth entertaining.

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