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Report: Levante wants Obafemi Martins on loan

When Oba left Levante it wasn't on the best of terms. Now that Levante's offense is a complete suckfest there is one report that they want him back.

This was disappointment, but works as laughter too
This was disappointment, but works as laughter too
Mike Russell

When Seattle Sounders FC acquired Obafemi Martins from Levante things weren't very smooth. At one point, they even threatened legal action against Sounders FC. Two years later and Levante finished 10th without Oba (4th worst offense) and now, two matches into the year, they can't score and can't win.

TribalFootball indicates that Levante want Martins back, but just on loan.

To review what happened when Sounders acquired Obafemi;

Another day has passed and Obafemi Martins' potential transfer to the Seattle Sounders doesn't seem to be any closer resolution than it was on Friday, at least according to reports out of Spain that say no effort was made to complete the payment on Monday. That should not be taken as the Sounders stepping away from negotiations, though, as Martins has apparently reiterated his desire to move to MLS and may have even pulled himself out of training.

Just to add a little more intrigue to all of this, Levante seems to be threatening legal action against the Sounders for what they claim is tampering. Whether or not they have a firm leg to stand on is not entirely clear, but if the Sounders are deemed to have violated this rule that would keep Martins on the sideline until summer.

emphasis added

And now

Levante are planning to re-sign Obafemi Martins.

Sometimes rumors are so funny you just have to re-report and laugh.

Let's end with a song.

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