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Marcos Senna a reminder that lack of rumors indicates little

When, exactly, the Sounders were trying to sign the former Spain international, the fact that we're only hearing about it now is telling.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Silly season is just gearing up. Rumors of inbound players will surely start to fly. Some of those signings will come to fruition (Román Torres was a recent fanciful example) and a lot more don't (oh man, remember when we were signing Diego Forlan before he was really old?).

But today we got a reminder that a lot of silly season happens behind closed doors and we don't really hear anything about it until years later, if we hear about it all. Empire of Soccer has a story where Marcos Senna claims he was pursued by the Seattle Sounders following the New York Cosmos' 2013 Soccer Bowl victory. As Senna tells it, a MLS representative approached him and the former Spain international dismissed it out of hand ("I am not moving from here. I don't even want to hear about it.")

From what I've been told, the Sounders have a slightly different version. They apparently did pursue Senna and were big fans of his, but that came well before 2013 when he was already 37.

Those details aside, though, it's worth noting that Senna's name was never publicly linked to the Sounders. You can rest assured there are many other examples like this. Sometimes, signings materialize seemingly out of thin air (remember, it was only until he was bound for Seattle that people had any clue about Clint Dempsey's signing). Sometimes, we hear about a player years before he actually signs (Nelson Haedo Valdez is a recent example). And other times we are none the wiser.

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