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Sounders will sign two international players, King 5 says

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Stuck in one of the worst runs of results in franchise history, the Seattle Sounders front office is reportedly set to make some significant changes. The Sounders are poised to make not one, but two signings sometime this week, according to King 5's Paul Silvi.

"The Sounders will sign two international players this week - one from South America, another from Europe," Silvi said during the evening news (h/t to exSlacker). "Look for the Sounders to have a deal in place for both players by the close of the transfer window Thursday."

Although trying to figure out who, exactly, those players may be is basically like trying to find a needle in a haystack, the authoritative nature of the report should at least come as a relief to a fanbase that has been clamoring for some kind of transfer news.

At the same time, there haven't been any reports of new players training with the Sounders, suggesting any signings won't be ready to debut immediately.