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The Garth Lagerwey Transfer Rumor Advisory System (Beta)

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The Sounders General Manager and President of Soccer makes statements regarding player transfers that are hard to understand. Here is a color-coded advisory system graphic to help explain.

(05/21/16) Now in a convenient card form.

GLTRAS beta 1.2

The GLTRAS (beta)

In the United States, the Garth Lagerwey Advisory System is a color-coded transfer season rumor advisory scale. The different levels trigger specific actions by national and local media and fans, and they affect the level of rumor-mongering at some social networking sites such as Twitter and other Sounders FC media outlets. It is often called the "Garth-o-meter" by the local supporters.

Inspired by the success of the Fire Danger Rating and color system, this scale consists of five color-coded threat levels which are intended to reflect the probability of a transfer rumor and its potential gravity.

  • Severe (Super Cyan): severe risk
  • High (red): high risk
  • Elevated ( Electricity Yellow): significant risk
  • Guarded (Sounders Plaid): some risk
  • Low (Rave Green): low risk