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Roberto Chen no longer in Sounders training camp

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Sounders center back situation is getting a little more clearer, well really just there's less of them in camp now, as Roberto Chen is no longer in camp. With Chen taking up a foreign spot on the roster and rarely playing during camp it makes sense even though the amount of effort it appeared the club had to go through to bring him in on trial made a spot seem certain.

Sigi on Roberto Chen:

Determine where we are going to go with that and how we are going to move forward with that, so we didn't want to hold him up, you know, as well. It's a thing with foreign spots on the team, it's a thing of what we are going to do in terms with a couple of positions and we didn't want to take away other opportunities for him.

It's unclear how long Zach Scott is going to be with the Sounders this season still in question and Damion Lowe's status is unknown with there being a potential transfer or loan to Minnesota United. The Sounders only have Jimmy Ockford as a clear backup to Brad Evans and Chad Marshall until Roman Torres comes back from his ACL tear. When Sigi said that the CB position was going to be cleared up, this didn't seem how it would happen but it appears it is going to be a fuzzier picture before it gets clear.