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Sounders say a signing will be announced next week

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We don’t know who, but we do know when.

With Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy on ESPN tonight, there’s a chance for both front offices to talk to ESPN reporters. It should come as little surprise that they are. Julie Stewart-Binks says to expect a player announcement by Seattle next week.

Also, Sounder at Heart has learned that team officials expect a player to fly to Seattle Saturday with that player having their first training session on Monday. The Sounders are in Minnesota Saturday August 5 (5 PM, Q13). That would usually mean that their first full practice session would be the Monday after the game.

It is not known if this timeline references rumors about Derlis Gonzalez, Victor Rodriguez, Ismael Diaz, or a yet un-rumored addition.

The most likely of those would seem to be Rodriguez, as he’s currently without a team and rumors have suggested he’s very close to signing. There have also been reports that Gonzalez’s deal is about ‘90 percent’ done. The Diaz rumor is a bit more tenuous.