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Nico Lodeiro won’t let the Luis Suarez-to-MLS rumor die

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Lodeiro once again told reporters his good friend wants to come to the United States and he’d love for him to join Sounders.


One of Nicolas Lodeiro’s best friends in the world is Uruguay teammate Luis Suarez. Almost ever since Lodeiro came to the Seattle Sounders in 2016, there have been suggestions that Suarez wants to join him. More recently, Lodeiro has been telling anyone who asks that Suarez is equally interested in coming to MLS.

In that sense, there wasn’t really anything “new” about Lodeiro telling on Thursday about Suarez’s future plans.

“I think you need to convince Barcelona. He wants to come to MLS,” Lodeiro. “Sooner or later he’ll come to MLS. Well, hopefully. He likes the league. He’s always asking me things about it. Hopefully he can also play for Seattle Sounders. It may be a more difficult task. I think it’s only a matter of time before he’s out here.”

If there’s any sort of new wrinkle to this story, it’s that Suarez is a little closer to end of his contract at Barcelona that’s due to run out in June 2021. He’d be 34 at the time. As ever, though, it seems highly unlikely that Suarez would walk away from a deal that is reportedly paying him about $20 million a year. That’s especially true considering he’s still playing well enough to have eight goals in 12 competitive matches this year.