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Who should Sounders protect from 2022 Expansion Draft?

The Protectionator returns.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

It is everyone’s least favorite part of the year: Preparing for the all-downsides MLS Expansion Draft. The good news for the Seattle Sounders is that they have seven players who are ineligible right off the bat due to their Homegrown Player status. The bad news is that they still have some tough choices to make about how to use their 12 protected spots.

Now’s your chance to decide how the Sounders should use those 12 spots. First, a note: Based on MLS Expansion Draft rules, it appears the Sounders must protect two of the three international players on their roster. Unless something has changed, that’s Yeimar Gómez Andrade, Léo Chú and Abdoulaye Cissoko. We’re not actually enforcing that rule on the Protectionator, but it’s something you should know anyway.

Something else possibly worth keeping in mind: even though we gave you the option to protect the likes of Fredy Montero and Will Bruin, both are free agents and therefore very unlikely to be picked either way.

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