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Supporter Stories

Sounders fans are a diverse bunch, united by one thing: our love of the Rave Green. We’re collecting stories as video and audio, to create an oral history of soccer support in Seattle.

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Supporter Stories: Mark Nesteroff

Mark is the 2013 Sounders fan of the year, a fact that he wastes zero time sharing. We love Mark, but it might be time to let that go...

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Supporter Stories: Emily Cummings

This is one of our favorites, and not just because Emily Cummings is a Sounder at Heart contributor. Her passion for the game just jumps off the screen.

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Supporter Stories: Garrett Amini

A few dozen interviews of supporters were conducted between the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Most of them have been released. Recently, 4 more were found. Today we present Garrett Amini.

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Supporter Stories: Nick Gibson

Just in time for MLS Cup, Supporters Stories is back. These were actually filmed at the start of the 2016 season, but we’re starting with Sounders fan Nick Gibson. Look for more throughout the week.

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Meet the person who created “Jorstian Mordan”

You’ve probably admired some of Beth Mantle’s work without realizing it was produced by a high school student.

This is why I founded Sounder at Heart

My Supporter Story is the story of the website, as much as it is about me.

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How a Southern California boy joined a cult

Mark Kastner moved to Seattle from Southern California and found a group of people willing to overlook that particular red flag on his record. Why? Well his now wife thought it was because they were basically a cult. But she learned to love him all the same.

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Meet the man behind Cheeky Backheel

Jacob Cristobal current runs the Seattle soccer website Cheeky Backheel, which mostly focuses on the Seattle Reign. He's also blazing a new trail for the growing subset of soccer fans who are also pro wrestling fans.

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Meet La Barra Fuerza co-founder Hugo Garcia

Hugo explains how he came to help found the Latino supporters group, La Barra Fuerza Verde.

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Meet Sounders blogger Mike Standish

Mike explains how he learned about soccer when NASL Sounders showed up at his school in "Siberia."

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Meet Tacoma Stars mascot Perry the Peanut

No, he doesn't talk but Perry the Peanut has quite the tale to tell.

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Meet Sounders in-stadium announcer James Woollard

James explains how he went from teacher, to voice-over artist to becoming the in-stadium voice of the Sounders.

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Meet Sounders fan Sara McNally

Sara describes how the Sounders' accessibility has helped her fall in love with the club.

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Meet Sounders fans Sara Shields

Sara has been driving basically across the state to attend virtually every Sounders match.

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Meet Sounders fan Marianna Spiritakas

Marianna explains how the 2014 World Cup convinced her to become a soccer fan.

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Meet Sounders podcaster Erin Riley

Erin Riley tells the tale of how he became an integral part of the "Battle of Kezar."

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Meet Sounders fan Brit Noordman

Brit tells her story about growing up playing the game and health issues forcing her to give that up, but still looking for a way to connect.

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Meet former Sounders announcer Ross Fletcher

By the time this interview was filmed, Ross Fletcher was no longer the Seattle Sounders' play-by-play voice. That doesn't seem to have diminished his love for the fanbase he'd given voice to for four years.

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Meet 2015 Sounders fan of the Year Jerry Neil

Jerry Neil has become one of the most visible Sounders fans, most notably bringing an inflatable alligator to a Merritt Paulson appearance. Neil is also the sitting Sounders Fan of the Year.

Supporter Stories is telling your tale

Sounders fans come in all shapes and sizes. These are their stories.

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