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Costa Rican Malcom Frago joins Sounders U-18s

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Just like last year an international player is part of the Sounders Academy. There are significant differences though. Frago's ITC is held by Seattle.

Jane Gershovich (

A few weeks ago rumors that former Saprissa player Malcom Frago joined the Sounders U23s came out. Like most rumors of a pro player joining the PDL side, this was initially thought to be false. It's not. This rumor is both true and false.

Frago is a Sounders U-18 player. The 18 year-old who was once with Saprissa and the Aspire Academy in Qatar is now a Sounder. After learning in those different systems Frago is now in the Seattle area with a host family and in September will take the field with the latest batch of U-18s.

This is a slightly different situation from Gustav Brandt in that Brandt was not 18. Frago's ITC is held by the Seattle Sounders. He is also not the only out of area player on the squad. Victor Rojas joins Sounders FC as a citizen of Venezuela and by way of Miami.

The U-18 roster is; (Frago not listed)

The U-16 roster is;

They've added a U-14 team onto the pre-Academy, U-16 and U-18 sides.

Sounders FC is finding new ways to add and develop talent at the lowest levels.

"Each year within the academy system we watch players grow and develop," Academy Technical Director Darren Sawatzky said via email. "We work hard to improve our methods and are pleased when players like DeAndre Yedlin and Jordan Morris have success at the next level, but we are not content. The staff will continue to work and we are excited for the next set of Sounders Academy players to chase the collegiate, professional, and national team levels."

The Future begins play on the road, with their first home game on Saturday 21 September against the LA Galaxy. It is their fourth year in the US Soccer Development Academy.