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Learn a little more about what makes potential future Sounder Darwin Jones tick

Sounders Academy products Ian Lange and Darwin Jones both featured in second episode of LevyFilms' Heart of the Dawg.

There are a couple things you learn in Episode 2 of Levy Films' Heart of the Dawg. The main takeaway here is that the University of Washington men's soccer team is really quite likable. Everyone that is interviewed in this comes off as genuine, well spoken and generally seem to enjoy going through the interview process.

The other major takeaway is, at least if you're a Sounders fan, that there's some pretty great talent coming through the pipeline. Ian Lange looks like an absolute monster out there and will likely suit up for the Sounders some day. Similarly, Darwin Jones is clearly overflowing with talent and could probably be a difference-maker at the MLS level tomorrow.

Lange and Jones are both prominently featured in this episode and you get a good sense of how they've gotten here as well as what could very well make them stars on the next level.

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