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See The Future

In case I don't know you on Facebook, or you weren't on Twitter at the right time, or you don't read the ECS website, here's a reminder that this Saturday the Seattle Sounders Youth Academy is back in local action.

You know about Yedlin and Okoli and Kovar. You may have know about Peterson, Lange, Herman, Jones and Morris. But do you know Chaffin and Frago; Christensen and McCormick? Do you know Olsen and IPH; Wingo and Crook?

You can and should know these names. One, two, three, more could be future Seattle Sounders FC players.

They are back in action on Saturday at 1:30 PM at the Starfire Stadium. There are going to be a few dozen people at a stand-alone Academy game. That's highly unusual. It's two weeks before First Kick. It's a great time for you to prepare yourself. Get ready to sing. Get ready to stand.

Get ready for the Future.

It is coming. You can be ahead of the curve. There's almost certainly going to be a 5$ parking charge. And that's it. No ticket. This isn't about money. This is about passion. This is about Green, Blue and Shale. It is eternal and forever. It is the foundation.

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