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Jordan Morris could be "in a Sounders uniform pretty soon"

Sounders Sporting Director Chris Henderson is vague about the exact timeline, but momentum is obviously building.

Stanford Athletics

On the Tuesday evening Seattle Soccer Talk on SportsRadio KJR with Mike Gastineau the second guest was Sporting Director Chris Henderson. Henderson talks about the signing of Onyekachi Apam, how the Open Cup wound up The People's Cup and about Jordan Morris.

It was a pretty standard interview - entertaining, intriguing - but not news breaking for die-hard Seattle Sounders FC fans. Up until he talked about Morris. It's about 31 minutes into the podcast of the show.

There's chatter about the call to training with the United States and the path to getting Klinsmann's attention. That transitions without question to the following statement.

"I expect to see him in a Sounders uniform pretty soon," Henderson says, "but we'll see how that plays out. We're excited that he's one of our players and that he's done so well."

That's a shift from the idea that Jordan could jump the Atlantic and skip playing for Seattle, a shift that fans should enjoy.

Chris also talked about how he had similar experiences to Morris and Yedlin with their explosion into the senior national team picture.

There is a huge question left for listeners/readers to figure out. How soon is "pretty soon?" Morris is still at Stanford and playing pretty well. Is soon while the college season is in session, or is it in December after the NCAA tournament? There are only a few people that know that answer, but it sounds like Morris will be a Sounder again before he plays in a foreign league.

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