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Sounders 2 vs. Sacramento Republic: player ratings

Sam Garza from a scrimmage against Gonzaga
Sam Garza from a scrimmage against Gonzaga
Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

With a frantic second half of six total goals and a chunky, longball plagued first half the ratings could be done as 45 minute splits. Seattle Sounders 2 managed to only allow 2 shots on goal to the defending USL champion Sacramento Republic. Both of those resulted in goals, both were from set-pieces.

As a reminder the ratings scale for S2 matches is the same one being used for the 1st team. That means that a 1 means a player should not be a pro player in North America. A ten would mean that regular performances of that type would be an MLS MVP candidate. A six is the number for an average MLS starter. A five would be a replacement level player (USL starters).

Charlie Lyon - 5
Nothing about Lyon's performance was poor. Both shots taken and scored were solid, but to stand out and be an MLS player a keeper has to excel at shot stopping, leading his defense and distribution. At this time Lyon is appropriately placed in the USL.

Dylan Remick - 5
It was a nondescript game for Remick. He had some strong runs, a decent cross, but didn't declare himself going either way. It's the type of game that doesn't result in a win, nor a loss. A bit of assertion would make a difference in ratings. He can earn playing time in MLS playing like he did.

Jimmy Ockford - 5
Not at blame for the goals against, he and partner Lowe kept the weakened Sacramento side off the scoreboard in run-of-play. Needs to improve on when/how to clear ball.

Damion Lowe - 6
Lowe's most significant attribute was his long passing out of the back. His defense was mostly alright, probably at an MLS replacement level. His size, speed and the ability to play possession soccer will earn him playing time in MLS this year. His ability to read the game will determine the length of his career. Did a decent job covering wider spaces when Fisher went forward.

Oniel Fisher - 4
If Fisher could cross effectively Seattle would have had two first half goals. In many ways he's like a rawer version of Yedlin. He gets forward quite well, but without the dribbling ability that DeAndre had. Crossing was an issue. His speed helps him recover. Sometimes leaves too much space when defending.

Aaron Kovar - 5.5
I'm going to cheat on my own system only a few weeks into it. Kovar's crosses were well done. He was a solid dribbler and opened space through runs. He tackles harder than his body type makes you think he can.

Giuliano Frano - 4
Frano is a pesky central mid that will go in hard. But there is a positional issue. He's not a great defender and there were times that he shot forward to pressure the Republic defenders, leaving Sac with an advantage in central midfield.

Amadou Sanyang - 4
S2's first captain seemed a bit overwhelmed in the air. Still a good ground interceptor, Sanyang generally defaulted to clearances when simple passes were available.

Victor Mansaray - 6
Mansaray may be one-footed, but what he can do with that one foot is magical. Showed decent spatial awareness as an outside mid to start the game. When he moved up top he showed his true potential. Broad enough that he won't get knocked about, Vic needs to use his speed to open up space more frequently.

Pablo Rossi - 6
Rossi played two completely different halves. In the first half he looked like a fringe MLS talent that tried to showboat too much and could pass out of consistent double-teams. In the second half he scored a beautiful goal, chipped a throughball and showed that you don't need size to succeed in soccer. The six is an average of a 5/7 split.

Andy Craven - 6
Craven has that pesky, effort forward thing down (think Fucito/Estrada) while also having a broad body that can take contact and remain in control. His whirling dervish goal is a primary example of that (not the first time using that technique). Andy also drew the foul that gave Rossi his free kick.

Aaron Long (46') - 4
He tucked in quite a bit for a right back, sacrificing that flank. Long was in a place where he's uncomfortable. Gave space for crosses and dribble-moves into the area. Closed down well after those moments. Was not effective with ball at his feet.

Cristian Roldan (62') - 6
When he came on as the mostly deeper midfielder he showed an understanding of space and the ability to close it. He gained comfort in the match, moving forward quickly. Roldan had threatening passes, and most significantly the two-line run that broke Sacramento's hopes of victory.

Sam Garza (69') - 7 (Man of Match)
Quick little passes, great at capturing space. Garza was only a sub, but his impact was immediate, and went beyond the goal. Sam has quick feet and melded into the match quickly.

Duncan McCormick (76') - No Rating
I liked his ball hawk style, but there were few touches for the CM.

Darwin Jones (86') - No Rating

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