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Sounders 2 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps 2: Player Ratings

Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

It's pretty easy to rate the man of the match when Darwin Jones nets a hattrick. The rest of the ratings for the Seattle Sounders FC 2 players show room for growth across the board. A crushing 4-nil performance over the Thundercaps resulted in generally high ratings across the board.

A reminder of the scale;

0 or blank - player did not play enough to judge
1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance
4 - average USL starter
6 - average MLS starter
10 - MVP quality performance

This same scale will be used for competitive matches of both Sounders FC and S2.

Charlie Lyon
Dave - 4
Community - 5.36

This may be more about the ratings scale than anything else, but with Lyon not really being challenged ratings his shot stopping is nigh impossible. His distribution still looks a little haphazard. Leadership of the defense tends to rest more on the shoulders of Sanyang and Lowe in this match. Charlie looked adequate at this level.

Andrés Correa
Dave - 5
Community - 5.22

Seattle have another full back that is fine in the attack and a bit awkward in defense. Correa penetrates more by the dribble than by grabbing empty spaces. His runs are forceful. His passing could use some work, with his crosses being a bit off. He was turned a few times and can be beat to the endline.

Damion Lowe
Dave - 6
Community - 6.08

Lowe's performance in the first two matches show an athletic marvel who is also able to distribute out of the back. Though he is one of the youngest in the organization, he has quickly become one of the leaders. Stood up running attackers, preventing them from penetrating.

Nick Miele
Dave - 5
Community - 5.14

Miele made several strong moves when attacking the goal on set-pieces. His defense in dead-ball situations is also great. Nick looked a touch slow, but was not challenged much.

Aaron Long
Dave - 5
Community - 5.16

Much better distribution compared with last match. His ability to punt long balls over the midfield and create threats within mere seconds changed the game. He still looks uncomfortable defending in wide areas. Long would sometimes fold into the middle, granting the outside space.

Sam Garza
Dave - 6
Community - 5.35

Garza nearly scored in his first minute of play again. On Sunday he was more needed in a defensive role. Sam's short passes were sometimes off. Connected well with overlapping backs.

Giuliano Frano
Dave - 5
Community - 5.07

Frano continues to sit deep and wait for times to surge forward. He was strong in closing down passing lanes. Giuliano was not able to create many threatening passes on the ground.

Amadou Sanyang
Dave - 6
Community - 5.15

Sanyang mastered the Vancouver attack. His quick feet closed down lanes and stole the ball well. Amadou tackled strong when necessary. He played under control and assumes leadership well. He pushed the ball to the flanks to start attacks.

Andy Craven
Dave - 6
Community - 6.77

Andy uses his size and speed quite well. May have troubles going against MLS players for that reason. Craven's passing showed quite well, both at short and long distances. His choice to score on a diving header showed great awareness of the defense and that bodying the ball wouldn't allow him to score.

Pablo Rossi
Dave - 4
Community - 5.34

Rossi did not score or assist on a set-piece. Pablo looks too often for the perfect pass rather than the short, simple one. This lead to several turnovers. He exerts defensive effort, but to little effect.

Darwin Jones
Dave - 8 Man of Match
Community - 7.45 Man of Match

If Chris Wondolowski was one of the fastest people in soccer this is the type of performance he would have. Jones ghosted in spaces that were at times two steps further away than what most forwards would need to pounce on those rebounds. A player may not be able to play better at the USL level than Jones did on Sunday.

Duncan McCormick
Dave - 5
Community - 4.97

McCormick continues to eat space well, but needs to be a connector in order to see more playing time.

Qudus Lawal
Dave - 3
Community - 4.32

Too frequently went one-on-one rather than pass to runners. Lawal needs to be more aggressive on goal as a teammate or take the ball to the corner.

Dave - Not Rated
Community - 4.32 (only 34% rated)

Lim became the first Sounders Academy player to take the field as an S2 player.

Kasey French
Dave - Not Rated
Community - 4.01 (only 9% rated)

A few minutes later French was the second Academy player to enter play in the USL.

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