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No pyro, no party: ECS stages protest over changing rules regarding use of smoke

Two minutes of silence accompanied by "no pyro, no party" two-pole.

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

If the first few minutes of Saturday's S2 match seemed a little quieter than usual, that was by design. Emerald City Supporters were staging a two-minute silent protest over a rule change in regards to the use of smoke.

Here's how ECS explained the situation on their Facebook page:

Earlier this week, Starfire officials contacted the ECS to tell us that the Fire Marshall was not happy with how the deployment of smoke had been handled at these matches and new guidelines were handed down on how smoke was to be deployed from that point on. ECS has followed every requirement agreed on, but was accused unjustly of using illegal smoke devices and in a manner other than agreed upon. ECS leadership had worked with the S2 Front Office, Starfire and the Tukwila Fire Marshall to come up with this plan for deployment that every party involved was satisfied with.

The new guidelines dictated to us were that smoke could be used only in a roped off corner of the far section of the stadium, by a single smoke coordinator, with no other people nearby. Attempts by the ECS to discuss this matter and find a more agreeable solution were ignored by all other parties. Not satisfied with the new guidelines and the lack of communication, ECS has decided that we will not use smoke at these matches until further discussions can be had. When our voices are ignored, our silence is the only way we can be heard.

In the first two games, ECS let off smoke bombs in the front of their section at the start of the match and after goals. It's unclear what they may have been doing that would have violated the fire marshall's preferences.

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