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Sounders 2's road through Open Cup even tougher than you thought

USL team unlikely to have many players loaned down from senior roster.

Andy Craven will be available.
Andy Craven will be available.
Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Seattle Sounders FC 2 have officially entered the U.S. Open Cup, drawing the winner of the Kitsap Pumas-FC Tacoma 253. The second-round match will be played at Starfire Soccer Stadium on May 20. Two rounds later, the Seattle Sounders will enter the tournament along with the rest of the MLS, opening play on June 16-17.

Although the Sounders and S2 won't be able to face each other until the final, the two teams won't be able to avoid having some conflicts of interest. While S2's roster has been bolstered by players on loan from the senior club for their first two USL games, many of those same players are unlikely to be available for Open Cup matches.

The reason: Once a player appears for one team, they are cap tied and not allowed to play for another team for the rest of the tournament. A Sounders official confirmed that the senior team's interests will trump needs of S2 in this situation. That means that while the likes of Andy Craven, Pablo Rossi and Duncan McCormick will play for S2, guys like Darwin Jones, Victor Mansaray and Damion Lowe probably won't be.

Considering S2 only has nine players signed directly to the team, they'll likely need at least a one or two players from the Sounders, but are unlikely to get anymore than that. The rest of the roster will likely be filled with Sounders Academy players. That should be enough for S2 to handle teams like Kitsap or Tacoma and maybe even a USL or NASL team they are likely to face in the third round, but competing with a likely MLS opponent in the fourth round would be an almost impossibly steep hill.

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