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Sounders 2 vs Galaxy II recap: Kovar wins game for S2

Aaron Kovar's goal after beautiful interplay from Andy Craven and Sam Garza won the match, but Kovacula's first pro goal will be overshadowed. Sergio Mota double-kicked a Los Dos players right in the nuts

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Los Dos was a bit over the line while facing S2. The LA Galaxy reserve team committed a whopping 22 fouls to Seattle Sounders FC 2's mere 10. Galaxy II followed that up with four yellows, and a loss. Aaron Kovar scored his first ever professional goal. That game winner puts Seattle back in first in the West with 23 points in their 13 games played.

The first half of the match was sloppy and violent. It started early. Just eight minutes into the match Andres Correa earned a yellow for either dissent or retaliation while he was off camera. The left back left the field shortly after that and Aaron Long entered the game in the 12th minute.

Tone had been set. Los Dos were at a 2:1 foul ratio that they would never sacrifice. LA's long ball game couldn't get past a dominant performance by Damion Lowe. Their frustration with the Jamaican was apparent. They regularly fouled him and even earned one of their yellows going in heavy on the centerback.

Kovar's goal came in the 73rd minute. His performance earned that goal. His delivery was good, his speed caused issues and he continues to look ready for MLS play. The goal was not just individual success. Andy Craven and Sam Garza's interplay created the goal.

No matter how violent LA Galaxy II were. No matter how great the win was. This match will be remembered for something else. Sergio Mota double-foot kicked another player in the junk.

He then acted like it shouldn't have been a red. He would slowly walk towards the tunnel, rather than leave the pitch as fast as possible.

So while Kovacula scored and S2 win, those things are a bit overshadowed, because Sergio performed a move out of a fighting video game.

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