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Sounders Academy controls Hawaii, most of Washington

Also actively pursuing talents from outside of their catchment area.

Brotherly Game

The Brotherly Game has a story on how MLS Academies work, in particular the catchment area of the various Academies. Seattle Sounders FC have Washington (minus those areas within 50 miles of Providence Park) and all of Hawaii. Already that Hawaii addition is showing fruit.

But the Sounders are not limited to just the catchment area. They can sign up to eight players to the Academy that are outside this area. In fact they are aggressively doing so, filling that full allotment.

Nick Hinds is on the US U20s with Vic Mansaray right now. He's already verbally committed to the University of North Carolina. He's a highly touted prospect from outside a catchment area and his senior year of high school will be here.

Previously the Sounders have had players from Costa Rica (Malcolm Frago), Venezuela/Florida (Victor Rojas) and Sweden (Gustav Brandt) joined the Academy. Others may have popped in as well, but with less fanfare.

Not all of the talent from outside the catchment area will sign a pro deal, but with the option of S2 in addition to full HGP deals there is now a better chance that the Academy can convert these prospects into Sounders.

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