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Sounders 2 Player Profiles: They were fun while they lasted

A ranking of the S2 players that will be don't appear to be coming back next season, though some probably should.

The final group of Sounders 2 players is those that are not coming back. Now some of these guys could be offered a trial or a contract later on and the club just hasn't announced it yet but as of right now, none of the guys on these lists will be back next year. Of the players that were not tied to an MLS contract during the season (like Damion Lowe and Darwin Jones) this group is full of the most on-field impact.

Players had to play at least 100 minutes in order to make this list.

#7 Duncan McCormick-

Seattle native and fan favorite McCormick was expected to make big strides with S2 and while he didn't play poorly, he definitely didn't impress. Eight starts and 16 substitute appearances, Duncan made steady contributions to running the defensive half of a 2-man pivot (typically) and sometimes deployed as a winger, as we've seen Erik Friberg and Andy Rose with the First Team. He showed improvement but not enough to be assured a contract yet. While I like McCormick, he did make the least impact of any of the players on this list.

#6 Qudus Lawal-

Before the mid-season trade for Ashani Fairclough, Lawal showed a nose for goal (his lone two came in one half) and while in his other start and his eight sub appearances he didn't find the back of the net (likely a reason to move him), he did show great potential and was a constant threat in front of goal. He ranks ahead of McCormick because of he showed more of potential at his position than McCormick showed at his during his minutes. Lawal's contract was picked up for 2016 with the Hammerheads, so there is a very little chance he comes back.

#5 Aaron Long-

Sounders never seemed to be impressed with his current level of skill for MLS player but always showed belief in his potential. Long showed great versatility playing CB, LB and CDM. One of the few players who was consistent at each position he played at. Long played the most minutes of anyone on this list with 2188 and the most appearances with 27. His inability to win the starting spot at any position once reinforcements were brought in and players got healthy is what drops him to 5th even though he made great contributions. He's only 23 and will not be 24 till after the next season concludes, his versatility would make him valuable to bring back but there isn't likely much more potential to mine.

#4 Nick Miele-

Almost every game Miele played he started, 20 starts in 22 appearances, and was a defensive stalwart as a CB. He wasn't quick but had fairly good positioning. Most surprising was Miele's offensive contribution with three goals and two assists. For a player who had most his offensive contributions coming either from long diagonal balls or being up for set pieces. His strength at CB and flashes of offensive pushed him ahead of Long even though he lacks versatility. Same age as Long, I'd expect the club to at least give him a call again.

#3 Giuliano Frano-

Frano like Aaron Long showed versatility being able to play RM, RB, as any portion of a three man CM or as either part of a two-man pivot in the middle. He was fairly successful at any position and provided very strong offensive contributions at every spot. While he only ended with two goals and no assists, Frano was always threatening and making late runs. He was one of the most dangerous players on the field with the ball. His problem, lapses of concentration and bouts of aggression, not to Sergio Mota levels but still where it would lead to questions about a player's maturity. It's unclear his future plans but he was part of Canadian Olympic Qualifying this fall and turns 23 in May. A player that while I personally liked to see play, I don't think comes back.

#2 Sam Garza-

He was the "elder" statesman with the club starting the year at 25 years old and one of the players with a bit of MLS experience. Injuries limited him slightly but he did end up playing in 23 matches, starting 16. Four goals and two assists, mainly coming from playing off the right and left wings. The former first round pick turned 26 in October and while he was one of the most dangerous players and fits the mold of an MLS player, a bit like Lamar Neagle, unless he is able to contribute this year with the First Team (he isn't ready) then there isn't a real reason to bring him back. He played great but is at the high end of the age we should expect to see for direct S2 signings.

#1 Pablo Rossi-

This is not just because he had the best free kicks and scored one from the midfield stripe (during pre-season) but he was, without a doubt, the most dangerous S2 player with the ball at his feet. He played best as the withdrawn striker where his only defensive responsibility was part of a high press. He was allowed to be creative and play off the back shoulder of a player or just fade back towards the midfield, pick up the ball in space, and create something from nothing. Add in that there wasn't a place in the attacking half that was out of his range for a free kick shot and you get a very dangerous offensive player. His small stature works great in many cases but doesn't work the best in MLS (though Giovinco is proving that wrong). There's a very good chance he'd be a great player in a few years in the MLS but at 24 next season, he's running out of time to prove it. His Twitter makes it sound like there is no chance he'll be back but I wouldn't be shocked if they brought him back for one more year to see can he make the MLS squad in 2017 but it would be with that plan in mind. He isn't at a point where perpetual USL contracts is his future with S2, it'll be one more year of MLS or bust.

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