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Sounders U18 and U16 teams combine for 22 goals on Sunday

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Santa Cruz Breakers had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at Starfire Sports.

There is no better way to understand the Seattle Sounders Academy than watching games. But, sometimes raw statistics stand up and shout "RECOGNIZE!" and we must. Sunday's games by the U18s and U16s need to be recognized, even if only from staring at the box scores.

At the U18 level the following players scored in a 14-nil match that begged for a mercy rule.

Maliq Cooper (2), John Dale (1 in 68), Burke Fahling (1), Kasey French (1), Joseph Hafferty (1), Tobi Jnohope (1), Connor Noblat (3), Ivory Randle (1 in 45), and Johnny Reynolds (3 in 22) all scored against Santa Cruz. Two hat-tricks (one from a sub) and a brace from a total of nine scorers.

The 18s are having a strong season, now up to 16th in the nation and 2nd in the nine-team Northwest. The blowout pushes their numbers to 3rd in goal-difference, 2nd in goals scored, 13th in goals against.

Down at the 16s the score was a closer 8-nil.

Alex Bradbury (1 goal in 68 minutes), Wilson Israel Harris (3 in 33), Sam Johnson (1 in 57), Shuma Katori (1 in 28), Cameron Martin (1 in 57), and Kei Tomozawa (1 in 33) powered the younger group to victory.

They are also 16th overall, but only 3rd in the Northwest. Their goal differential is only 11th, as is their goals for. Against their age they have the 15th best goals against.

It was not gory, glorious goal-scoring this weekend. On Saturday the 18s drew 0-0 and the 16s only won 2-1.

Your next chance to see the future of Sounders soccer is February 27th and 28th at Starfire Sports.