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Sounders 2 vs Oklahoma City Energy FC recap: Wasted performance

S2 crash to a 1-1 draw in waning seconds wasting an impressive Victor Mansaray move and goal.

Despite a first half that showed the potency of what Seattle Sounders 2 can be and can do it was the second half that confirmed the result. Tyler Miller flubbed a routine two-handed grab on a shot, it dribbled down his leg and Oklahoma City Energy FC's Rideout slammed in the leveling goal. S2 stays earning just a point a game after the 1-1 draw.

A couple of players earned their first ever S2 appearance in the game. In the 64th new signing Jordy Delam entered and Brandon John came on in the 83rd minute.

Quick Thoughts

Victor Mansaray is doing exactly what he should be doing.

Playing as a center forward, mostly, his speed and frame are on par with the college grads. His goal is a slick example of why he's in the US U20 picture.

That move and goal came as he sprinted on to a long punt. Vic looked up and saw the keeper well out of his box. Mansaray took the perfect touch to dribble the keeper and hit the empty net.

Jordan Schweitzer has settled the midfield.

The one-time Homegrown Player took a while to heal up, but once he did the team has only given up one goal in his 198 minutes. Connections between defense and attack are better when Jordan's on the field. He commands players well, coaching from the field. His long ball continues to be effective and he's a snappy tackler that generally wins the ball.

Oniel Fisher isn't ready for MLS play again

He's not the best right back on the team, even with Mears' recent faults. Oniel may not even be the best right back with the surname Fisher. Devon Fisher played as a late forward sub tonight, but looks more comfortable tackling at the USL level. Oniel earned two yellows on the evening and probably isn't adjusting to the new interpretations of the Laws of the Game.

Tyler Miller is capable of greatness, both good and bad

Sounders #2 keeper is the only reason the match wasn't tied in the first forty-five minutes. Tyler's hands were quick, slapping away shots low, high, wide. That 1st half was brilliant. But the final goal by Rideout showed that Miller is a puncher/slapper rather than a catcher. If he'd caught the ball or slapped it as he had all game it likely ends with an S2 win. Instead a failed catch put the ball on his legs where it was a live ball that OKC used to settle the score.

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