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Sounders FC 2 vs. Sacramento Republic FC, recap: S2 lack energy

S2 fall 2-1 to Sacramento Republic

Sounders Training: Photos

When Sounders FC 2 won back-to-back games against Vancouver and Portland, things seemed hopeful. No, their play hadn’t been sensational; and yes, they clearly still had tactical issues to work on; but things seemed hopeful. They were playing with vigor -a bit too much at times- and creating substantial opportunities.

Two games later, S2 have regressed to the mean. The Rave Green came out flat against Sacramento Republic FC, who capitalized with a goal in the 5th minute of Saturday's match, and continued to garner the majority of the attacking opportunities throughout the game. Second half substitute Zach Mathers managed to pull a goal back for the Sounders in the 70th, but it would prove to be for naught when Sacramento scored a second, seven minutes later.

Sacramento Republic managed 14 shots in the first half, shifting the ball around near the top off the Sounders’ box to take advantage of Seattle’s disorganized defense. When Seattle did managed to get the ball back, they often lost it again quickly due to a sloppy pass or a sloppy dribble. Had it not been for Charlie Lyon, the Sounders could have easily gone in to the half with a two or three goal deficit.

The second half fared somewhat better for the Sounders, with the team providing one another good passing angles throughout the middle third. Seattle’s offensive efforts, and a goal that Zach Mathers created out of pretty much nothing, would not be enough to overcome their defensive flaws.

Seattle will look to rebound next Wednesday with an away match against St. Louis FC.


In the first half the Sounders’ attack couldn’t seem to retain the goal for more than two or three passes. The Rave Green, in general, didn’t seem to be aware of their surroundings, and were often stripped by a Sacramento player who they easily should have shouldered off. Players like Michael Farfan and Nick Hinds tried to get technical throughout the half, and frequently lost the ball.

Second Half Substitutions

The second half subs, particularly Zach Mathers and Jordan Schweitzer, did well to inject a sense of calmness into the game for the Sounders. It seems like the team tends to get disorganized or frantic easily.

Charlie Lyon

Lyon saved the game for Seattle. His shot stopping was stellar in the match, and there wasn’t much he could have done to prevent either of Sacramento’s goals. There were a few crosses that he bobbled, but other than that he played an all-around great game.

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