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David Olsen humbled, pushing towards next career goal

The former Sounders Academy player did not get an HGP contract, instead he is with S2 and training with the First Team.

Max Aquino

Heading in to S2’s match with T2 a few players spent a training a couple training with the First Team. These Seattle Sounders provide bodies for specific drills. It’s also a chance for them to see the shift in talent from USL to MLS.

“Every time I practice with the First Team it’s kind of an eye-opener. It humbles you and shows you the level you strive to be at,” David Olsen told Sounder at Heart earlier this week. “Playing with all these guys really helps you understand the game because they play you in positions you might not have played or learned things about. It really opens your eyes and helps me learn to play the game better.”

One of those things that Olsen is picking up is pressing. Often when he and the other S2 players (Saari, Irvin Parra this past week) do is press and forced the First Team’s defensive unit to work on passing out of pressure.

“At this level every team is pressing. I’m here and learning that side of the game better also,” Olsen said. “It will help my game in the long run. You’ve got to press and turn the ball back.”

Olsen is a pro now. It’s been a dream for a while, but he didn’t earn the MLS HGP deal like his one-time strike partner. He knows there is hard work ahead of him, and that work is both humbling and necessary to achieve the next step on his dream career path.

“Step two would be to work on all the aspects that I need to in order to become a better player at the next level. Before I came here I thought I was better than I was,: David said, “but playing out here you realize you need to get better as a player.”

Now, he’s about to play against Portland Timbers 2 (Starfire, Sunday April 2 at 2 PM on and associated streaming channels). Olsen played against Portland in the Sounders Academy, but this time is a bit different. “I’m excited to take it to the professional level.”

One of his good friends from the Academy and Seattle University will be across from him.

Game tomorrow at Starfire vs @soundersfc2 . Looking forward to being in Seattle and playing in a #CascadiaClash

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“I’m excited. I get to play against Kyle. That will be fun. I think this week in practice is going to be good for us. We keep getting better, and by working together I think we’ll have a better game on Sunday.”

S2’s preseason was more about finding talent than working on systems. They lost their season opener to Sacramento Republic. Olsen expects the team to be better now that they are together every day.

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