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Seattle Sounders 2 vs Portland Timbers 2: live stream, game time, and lineups

S2 can claim the title of best USL team in Cascadia in Portland tonight

Tonight Seattle Sounders FC 2 play their second extremely important game of the week. With the result against WFC 2 over the weekend, S2 has put themselves back in shouting distance of a playoff spot and took a commanding lead in the Cascadia 2 standings. If S2 can beat Portland Timbers 2 tonight they will be tied for 8th on points, though goal difference will keep them out of the playoff spot officially, and will win the Cascadia 2 Cup. And maybe even more importantly they will keep T2’s point total on the year to single digits. S2 do not want to be the team that allows T2 to break that most pathetic of thresholds.

T2 is a historically bad team, and short of Red Card Wedding type circumstances, S2 should have no problem dispatching them, even in Portland. The task on defense is easy—T2 average just 0.8 goals per game—as long as S2 remain minimally aware of the counter and don’t allow Villyan Bijev to shoot from distance, T2 won’t be able to score a goal. S2’s offense has reappeared in recent weeks with the return of Felix Chenkam. While they will only need to score one to win, S2 should be capable of hanging many more on T2.

Cascadia 2 Cup

Standings Pts W L D GD
Standings Pts W L D GD
Sounders 2 12 4 1 0 5
Whitecaps 2 9 3 2 0 0
Timbers 2 0 0 4 0 -5

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in altum

you will hear us in your sleep | you will hear us from the deep

this is our Sound

Keys to the Game:

  • Don’t let Bijev do anything.
  • Don’t get caught retaliating against T2.
  • Run it through Chenkam.


How to Watch

Match date/time: 7:30 PM PT, Thursday, August 17, 2017.

Venue: An empty Providence Park, Goose Hollow, Portland, Cascadia.


How I'm watching

Outfit: Whatever I want.

Where: In Sammamish with my good dog Sophie.

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