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Sounders 2 defense gets boost as one red card rescinded

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Rodrigue Ele is eligible for Wednesday night’s game against Real Monarchs SLC.

Max Aquino for Sounder at Heart

In their loss to Sacramento Republic the Seattle Sounders FC 2 lost two players to red cards. Denso Ulysse slid from behind on a breakaway and will serve his suspension Wednesday night. Rodrigue Ele ran near a player that was fouled, and saw second yellow. S2 appealed the decision presumably on the basis of mistaken identity, and won. The USL Disciplinary Committee did not give further explanation, but Ele is now eligible for selection by head coach John Hutchinson.

S2 is in middle of a packed schedule, so they need all possible players. They particularly lack backup talent at right back as academy player Khai Brisco nurses an injury. Having the full slate of centerbacks available should help Hutchinson balance fitness and development while trying to stand up to an undefeated Monarchs side (3-0-0 +4).

Wednesday’s match is the last S2 game on YouTube (Harvey, Riley, Clark). We will be trying a new way to get you involved in the game by answering questions on the air. Tweet using #AskS2Crew to see what we think about Tacoma’s finest against Salt Lake’s second best.

This is the first match when the grounds crew needs to convert back from baseball to soccer.