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Sounders 2 at Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC : live stream, game time, and lineups

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S2 look to build on the momentum gained after they scored 3 goals last match.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

I suppose it is fitting that Seattle Sounders FC 2 are in Colorado to face Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC the day after April the 20th. Would it have been better if the game happened yesterday? Sure, but the world can’t be perfect so let’s just roll with it.

When S2 went to Colorado Springs last spring it was snowing and windy and miserable and Felix Chenkam had a brace. The weather looks to be a little bit better this time around, though it will still be in the 30s and breezy; hopefully Chenkam can get another brace, or, with the improved conditions, maybe he will have a third goal in him.

S2 are fresh off their second win of the season and seem to have figured out how to add balance, and thus effectiveness, to their attack. They do still need to find a way to keep their defensive concentration for the full 90 minutes. That will be especially important against the Switchbacks who allow their opponent the possession edge but can be dangerous on the counter. It will be imperative that S2 keep a good defensive shape even when they have long spells of attacking play.

After finishing one spot out of the playoffs last year, the Switchbacks are off to a decent start this year but will need to be a bit better if they want to make the playoffs. They are 2-1-0 at home and will be hungry to continue to build on their home field advantage. The Switchbacks get a lot of their offense from their left back Josh Suggs so his matchup with Denso Ulysse will be an important one. Ulysse will need to force Suggs to defend but must also keep an eye out so as not so be caught upfield when the Switchbacks move into the attack. If Ulysse can have his second stellar defensive game in a row it will go a long way towards S2 getting a result.

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Keys to the Game:

  • Attack down the wings.
  • Keep defensive shape in possession.
  • Attack crosses.


How to Watch

Match date/time: 5:00 PM PT, Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Venue: Weidner Field, Colorado Springs, Fountain Creek Watershed, Arkansas River Basin, North America.

Streaming: ESPN+

How I'm watching

Outfit: Our Sound T-shirt

Where: Near the Green River.