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Seattle Sounders 2 vs Sacramento Republic FC: live stream, game time, and lineups

S2 face Sacramento for the 2nd time this season. This time on a passable soccer pitch.

Ray Saari competes for a 50/50 ball against Sac Republic.
Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

Summer is just about knocking on the door, or at least the good part of spring, or at the very least perfect soccer weather. It will be 70°F (21°C) at kickoff for Seattle Sounders FC 2’s match today and the sun might even make an appearance. The conditions are a welcomed change of pace for our boys of summer (and spring and fall) after they spent the last month playing on pitches that ranged from not conducive to soccer to openly hostile towards the sport. It will be a joy to once again see S2 able to pass the ball and be sure it will not be stopped or detoured by water or ragged earth along its journey. With the conditions and (hopefully) large Tacoma crowd in their favor, S2 should be able to play the way they are set up to, the way they want to and in a way that will be fun to watch.

The opponent for this wonderful event at Cheney Field will be the first repeat of the season for S2. Their first game against Sacramento Republic FC was in California and did not go well. It was on one of the previously mentioned hostile pitches and S2 ended the match with 9 players on the field. This match will be more favorable for S2 but Sacramento look to be a solid team this year and it will not be an easy task to win all three points. Their defensive and offensive production are both in the top half of the western conference, but their biggest strength is their balance in attack. Sacramento don’t have any one player you can focus on stopping to limit their attack. Their three most advanced attackers, Cameron Iwasa, Villyan Bijev and Keven Aleman, all take turns scoring goals and setting each other up. But if S2 can clog up the passing lanes between those three in the final third they should have a good shot at getting a result.

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in altum

you will hear us in your sleep | you will hear us from the deep

this is our Sound

Keys to the Game:

  • Don’t get caught 3v2 in transition.
  • Keep the ball on the ground, enjoy the smooth surface.
  • Score early, harness the home crowd.


How to Watch

Match date/time: 1:30 PM PT, Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Venue: Cheney Stadium, Central Tacoma, Puyallup-White River Watershed, Cascadia.

Streaming: ESPN+ (Talent: Andrew Harvey, James Riley and Dave Clark)

How I'm watching

Outfit: Some real comfy new sneakers I got that I am very pleased with, some jeans, a t-shirt of some kind and a white sounders beanie.

Where: I’ll be at that old ball field we love called Cheney Stadium.

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