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Seattle Sounders 2 at Las Vegas Lights FC: live stream, game time, and lineups

S2 are in Vegas for the best (worst?) show in the USL

In a lot of ways Seattle Sounders FC 2 and Las Vegas Lights FC are on different ends of the USL spectrum, but they do have one thing in common that makes Las Vegas different than the other independent clubs in the US’s second division: Neither teams top priority is winning. For S2 that is because they are concerned with developing young players for the first team. For Las Vegas it is because they are concerned with putting on a WWE style entertainment product. If there were a scripted soccer league I am sure they would be in that instead.

Whatever you think of that, their is no denying it is fun. They have had a professional DJ play a set in their locker room prematch (no word on if there was a door fee or two drink minimum for the players) and the starters take a picture with a couple of Llamas before kickoff. Their goalkeeper likes to take sojourns upfield, a few time dribbling almost to the halfway line, and their defense lets in the most goals per game in the league (goals are entertaining after all). In true WWE fashion the FO has also gotten in on the action in the form of Technical Director Chelis, though his behavior is probably on the wrong side of acceptable, who has been suspended for 8 games twice for fighting, well, pretty much everyone.

The only part of that the S2 players will be concerned with is that Las Vegas lets in 2 goals a game. They will be licking their chops at this, especially David Estrada, who already has two braces this year and would love to add another after his late game heroics last week that got S2 a much needed win. They will look to build on that and hope to win two games in a row for the first time this season. If they can avoid getting pulled in to the chaos and non-soccer shenanigans that Las Vegas peddles in, S2 have a great chance at being two times lucky.

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in altum

you will hear us in your sleep | you will hear us from the deep

this is our Sound

Keys to the Game

  • Let Vegas do their thing, just play soccer.
  • Get balls in front of goal so Estrada can poach.
  • Press early and often.


How to Watch

Match date/time: 8:00 PM PT, Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Venue: Cashman Field, Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas Wash Watershed, Mojave Desert, North America.

Streaming: ESPN+

How I'm watching

Outfit: An outfit made for three points.

Where: South of Seattle, south of Renton, south of Kent.

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