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Newly signed Homegrown Player scores first-ever U17 World Cup qualifying goal

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Alphonso Ocampo-Chavez helps USA to 6-1 win over Barbados.

Alphonso Ocampo-Chavez scored his first U17 World Cup qualifying goal in the United States’ 6-1 win over Barbados on Saturday. The USA improved to 2-0 in group stage play and carries a +6 goal-difference into the Guatemala match on Monday.

Ocampo-Chavez’s goal made it 6-0 in the 50th minute. He displayed an impressive touch to put him in on goal and then easily beat the charging goalkeeper.

Danny Levya, the Sounders’ other Homegrown Player on the USA’s U17 team, also started and played 55 minutes. He also started the tournament opener.