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This week in comments

This Week in the Comments [#QuestForSix Edition]

The quest for bantz ends here.

This Week In The Comments - Hunchpunch edition

Three weeks in a row of Hunchpunch dominance.

This Week in Comments - moar bantz

You don't get to 100 recs without making a few #bantz

This Week in the Comments

This week brought to you by Zachariacus, Aaronolomew, and Jeremiah.

This Week in the Comments [Dempsey'd Edition]

#Bantz #Bantz #Bantz

This week in Comments [#BanterZone edition]

McNarnia is back with the best comments from the rivalry week #BanterZone

This Week In The Comments [We Are Ralph Edition]

Ralph is all of us edition

This Week In Comments:Keep AH from Twitter Edition

It went okay.There were some great comments this week, but your top rec'd comment was a pun. A PUN.

This Week in the Comments [BARRETT edition]

We have a record for most recommended comment. That makes things easy.

This Week in the Comments [Horcrux Edition]

It starts off kind of meta, has some stuff you should have read and ends with something from last week that still applies this week.

This Week in the Comments [Nuclear Orca Edition]

This Week in Comments is moving to Wednesdays. It is Wednesday, so it's posting now.

This week in comments [c-c-c-combo edition]

The last two weeks, combined into one super duper retro kit post.

This Week In Comments [Last Week's Edition]

Catching up on some comments of the week. How did we survive?

This week in comments [Jan. 27]

Megan Rapinoe and a wizard's robe.

Comments of the week

You stopped the run through walls jokes!

This Week In The Comments [Nordic Edition]

A little late (our apologies!!!!) but here's your weekly dose of zeitgeist.

This week in comments (Soundersland edition)

This week was full of introspective and deep thoughts in light of the new year. It went okay.

This week in the comments [December 29th edition]

This week in the comments features some snarky responses to that Paul Gardener article, some witty observations in the links posts, some great points about Mario Martinez, and, possibly best of all, Tacos.

This week in the comments [December 22nd edition]

The post where we ignore everyone else's advice and read the comments.

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This week in comments

A new feature by everyone's favorite lion-headed commenter and newest member to the Sounder at Heart team. Enjoy

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