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Ship's Log, Dec. 1: Don't go in there

Do not enter the referee's locker room. Just don't. Don't make excuses and do not do it.

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Matt Miazga entered the referees' locker room. That isn't in dispute. His coach and the MLSPA both agree he did that. He's now suspended for three matches, including the rest of the playoffs.

His coach, former Sounder Pat Noonan, says it wasn't a big deal. The union? They're blaming security for not preventing it (they also accuse the referees of exaggerating what occurred).

My good people – do not listen to Pat Noonan or the MLS PA on this. Miazga thoroughly deserved his three-match suspension.

After his post-match treatment and while eating pizza nearly 90 minutes after the final whistle he entered the referee's sanctuary to yell at them about his two yellow cards during the match – one for dissent and the other for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Should security have kept him out? Yes, sure. But also Matt Miazga is an adult professional soccer player who regularly has issues acting like a professional.

He shouldn't need security to keep him out. He shouldn't need a map to the stadium where he first started his career to find his way to his own lockers as if he's some kind of lost puppy.

He shouldn't need to be protected from punishment because it's the playoffs. Noonan is completely inaccurate suggesting other leagues don't punish players in the playoffs. Does Noonan even watch other North American sports? Because it happens all the time!

Both the MLSPA and Noonan are throwing so many factors out that try to excuse Miazga's behavior. At the core of their arguments, both admit what he did.

There's no excuse needed. Just sit this one out. Take a lesson from Vancouver coach Vanni Sartini, who was suspended for entering the field after seeing red and telling jokes about him being blamed for a hypothetical dead referee.

Sartini didn't blame anyone but himself.

"I am committed to all recommendations and will also look for additional opportunities to learn and grow.”

That's how professionals act.

- Dave

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