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Seattle Sounders FC vs. LA Galaxy: community player ratings form

Rate your Sounders on another 0-0 draw!

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Image courtesy of Sounders FC Communications

Your Sounders returned home on the high of a midweek road win and promptly reverted to the uninspired playstyle that put them towards the bottom of the Western Conference to begin with. The first half was particularly dreary and you could feel the 0-0 draw coming. Either that, or Seattle could make their usual single defensive error, and the hope of a draw would be replaced with the resignation of another loss. Thankfully, LA Galaxy looked hamstrung going forward, and each team walked away with a point.

Here is a direct link to the form; we hope this allows everyone to submit a response.

Here’s the scale:
(Substitutes can be left blank if the player did not play enough to judge)
1 - Not a pro quality performance
4 - Average USL Championship starter
6 - Average MLS starter
9 - MLS All Star
10 - MLS MVP-quality performance