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Bear With Us, Episode 1: The Soon To Be Named Will Bruin Podcast: Episode 1

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Way back in February, Will Bruin off-handedly mentioned to me that he’d like to do a podcast. I didn’t think much of it. But he was serious, or at least he seemed serious. He even announced it on Twitter.

Well, I think he may have underestimated just how hard it is to find time for things like recording a new podcast when you are also becoming a first-time father.

Six months later, though, we’re finally here. Somehow, we managed to not settle on a name yet, bu this is the first of what I hope is many podcasts.

The idea was to basically give Will room to just talk about stuff he’s interested in. We touched on the upcoming MLS CBA negotiations, got his thoughts on League Cup and how he went down a YouTube hole watching Sasquatch videos. Oh, we talked a lot about Jonathan Campbell’s Instagram page. Seriously, we talked a lot about that. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share ideas.

Musics: "Bumped into Bigfoot" - Bedford; "Cutthroat" - prod. by Syndrome