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Nos Audietis, Episode 306: Just win, baby

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While there were definitely moments of brilliance for the Seattle Sounders, their First Round encounter with FC Dallas was more about simply moving on in the MLS Playoffs. Jeremiah and Aaron discuss how blowing leads is probably not a repeatable path to success, but they do marvel at how well the Sounders seem to have mastered the art of doing just that and still managing to pull out a victory.

In order to squeeze in an episode before Wednesday’s Western Conference semifinals while Jeremiah is in Washington, D.C., this a shorter episode than normal. Hope you don’t mind.

This week's music: Perry Como - "Seattle", "RVIVR - "Ocean Song", Woody Guthrie - "Roll On Columbia", "Your Journey Begins" - OurMusicBox (Jay Man) (CC BY 4.0)

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