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A welcome to our new subscribers and a note about our future

We are still very much figuring things out.

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Friday marked a rather banner day for this newsletter. It was BY FAR our biggest single day of subscribers, increasing our mailing list by more than 50%.

In case you missed it, here’s why: SB Nation recently made the decision to cut virtually all of their MLS blogs. For now, Sounder at Heart is one of two that was spared. But we don’t know how long that will be the case. Presumably, most of our new subscribers were motivated to show their support for what we do by following us here.

We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in the coming weeks and months, but we do plan to pump even more energy into this project regardless. We’re going to keep offering our weekly “Everything you need to know” section, but will also be adding other elements that provide a different kind of perspective. If we get to the point where this is our main outlet, you can expect more news and such but that could still be a ways off.

In the meantime, we’re not yet at the point where we feel comfortable charging for this newsletter but we do offer opportunities to pledge future support when we feel we have more content to offer. If that’s something you’re interested in doing, please let us know.