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Getting to know Louisville City

Vince from the Scuffed podcast gives us a scouting report.

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I oftentimes like to use this podcast as an excuse to talk to people I find interesting, with the hope that you will too. This is one of those times.

Vince has been contributing to one of my favorite podcasts, Scuffed, for about a year and I’ve found him to be one of the most compelling voices covering the United States men’s national team. He manages to both raise the discourse while also making it a ton of fun and I’ve long wanted to excuse to talk to him a bit more in depth.

Knowing that Vince is a Louisville City season-ticket holder and one of their most knowledgeable fans, I figured this was as good of an excuse as I was going to get. In addition to talking about Louisville City, we also discussed the USMNT and Vlatko’s tenure with the USWNT. Hope you enjoy it.