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Episode 429: That win felt great!

Let’s talk about the Sounders’ big win over Austin FC.

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It has been far too long since we have recorded after a win. In fact, it’s been nearly two months since the sounders last won a game, a streak they finally ended on Wednesday in very satisfying fashion when they beat Austin FC 2-1 on a 90th minute Albert Rusnak.

In fairness, the Sounders were the beneficiaries of some fortunate VAR decisions, but give them credit for putting themselves in position to take advantage. Both goals they had were well taken and they did a good job of limiting Austin’s chances. I think you can even argue that they had as many and as good of chances as Austin, if not better.

The Sounders did all this while rotating fully half their outfield players. Dare I say it, but this win felt … important? Let's discuss!


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