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Ship's Log, Jan. 2: 9 resolutions for the Puget Sound soccer fan

Like soccer? Here's how you can enjoy it more in 2024.

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Might be a good time to visit Spokane. | Photo by Clay Elliot / Unsplash

With the New Year comes the opportunity to set new goals toward self and community improvement. If you're still looking for New Year's Resolutions to start a day late, here are nine ideas:

1. Start playing soccer again. This could be organized adult amateur play that is talent-level appropriate or just going to the park for a kick around. Experiencing the ball at your feet is how many of us fell in love with the game. Do that again.

2. Attend a Reign match. Back at Lumen Field with the potential for large crowds proven via doubleheaders and the Rapinoe Retirement, Reign are ready for you. They offer Olympians and World Cup players, and are always in a trophy hunt.

3. Attend 'minor league' soccer. Defiance, Ballard, West Seattle, Midlakes, Spokane and more offer you the opportunity to see the future and be as close to the sport as possible. Colleges count too!

4. Build a scarf blanket, or something similar. If you're someone who has been a season-ticket holder for more than a decade you have more scarves than you'll ever need (and you'll need them less every year). Turn them into a craft project with a blanket, robe or use them to line the office and reduce noise in that room.

5. Take a first-timer to a pro match. Fan-based soccer evangelism has taken a back seat since the Sounders won their second MLS Cup. It's time to bring it back. Remind your friends and coworkers that soccer in Seattle is a major sport where the teams are expected to trophy.

6. Watch a pro game in a new league. With soccer more available than ever via streaming platforms take the opportunity to enjoy a league you have yet to experience. Maybe that means the AFL or the WSL or Portugal – just do it. Enjoy how other places play the sport.

7. Spend time with the Summer Olympics. There's a rather strong chance that players with Seattle connections will be at both the men's and women's Olympics. Support them as they thrive on an intense international stage.

8. Travel for soccer. This could be as simple as traveling when your own kids or your neighbor's kids do or as complicated as going to Vancouver Island to watch two matches between four road teams during the Concacaf Champions Cup. You don't have to spend a lot of money to travel for soccer – you can though.

9. Tell someone about your favorite website. Because I'm selfish and want you to spread the word about Sounder at Heart. Tell them in reality, forward this email, share it on the social media platform of choice. Spread the word. (Head’s up: We increased the price for the basic membership to $25 on Jan. 1. The prices for the other membership tiers remain unchanged.)

– Dave

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