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Sounders’ are 7th most valuable team in MLS, Sportico says

Sounders were ranked fourth the last time Sportico did their valuations in 2022.

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Although the Seattle Sounders have increased their valuation by 10% since Sportico last did their estimates in 2022, they dropped to seventh from fourth in terms of MLS rankings. The Sounders are valued at $795 million. In 2022, a small share of the team was sold that valued them at about $680 million and they entered MLS for a $30 million expansion fee in 2007. No matter how you look at it, the Sounders are on a very solid upward trajectory.

The Sounders’ fall in the ranking is essentially due to their growth lagging behind many of their fellow teams. As a whole, MLS valuations grew by 16% and are now collectively worth nearly $20 billion. Teams above the Sounders in valuation grew at an even faster rate, with four now being worth at least $1 billion. Inter Miami, fueled by the signing of Leo Messi and securing a new stadium, saw their valuation shoot up 74% to $1.02 billion.

The Sounders also rank seventh in MLS in terms of revenue, bringing in $77 million in 2023. New York City FC, another team with a newly secured stadium, was the only team worth more than the Sounders who didn’t have higher revenues.